Automotive-Inspired Luxury Furniture by Carsofa

Thinking about redecorating your living room? How about releasing that car fanatic in you for a second, and letting your imagination be conquered by these automotive inspired pieces of furniture? The Carsofa and Cartable are two awesome fully customizable pieces that car enthusiast will definitely love.

They are available for order on, and they can be made of old or new car parts in order to meet your preferences. Top-notch materials bring a sense of luxury to these creations: carbon fiber, decorative stone, precious gems, gold, tropical woods, and fine leathers.

After the customer chooses a design and the preferred materials, the manufacturer starts working on the piece with complete dedication. Safe transportation is a key element in the company’s service policy, and this translates to special transportation for each piece, in custom CTRS (Carsofa Transport-Ready-System) boxes to any country on the globe.

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