Automatic Chronograph Evolution Diamond by Frederic Jouvenot

The Automatic Chronograph Evolution watch by Frederic Jouvenot has been enjoying great success among watch lovers since its launch. With a modified vintage chronograph movement and an automatic rotor inverted and placed on the dial, the piece is very innovative and highly appealing. So the young French watchmaker decided he could take things one step further and create a limited edition of the Evolution.

The result is a stunning diamond studded watch known as the Automatic Chronograph Evolution Diamond. Even though it features a total of 8.46 karats of white and black diamonds, the timepiece is not at all gaudy, but rather elegant and precious. Each of the five limited edition watches will feature a 44 mm wide case made of either white or rose gold (18 K). The bezels will be lined with baguette-cut white diamonds that will go perfectly well with the black gems on the dial. Beautiful!

Automatic Chronograph Evolution Diamond by Frederic Jouvenot


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