Autographed Beatles Record Sold for £9,000

The annual Beatles Convention brought together fans of the band from all over the world and so did the auction that was part of the important event. Here bidders from the U.S., Australia, Germany, Austria and other countries fought for some really important items like the burgundy door of the studio where the Beatles first recorded professionally (£2,300 or approx. $3,700) or John Lennon’s cap (£3,200 or approx. $5,200).

The star of the event however was a very precious copy of the hit “Please Please Me”, signed on both sides by all four members of the band. The autographed record belonged to a lady from Liverpool, who had it signed by the artists when she was young. Unsurprisingly, the precious lot fetched £9,000 or approx. $14,700.

Autographed Beatles Record Sold for £9,000


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