The Auto Fabrica Kawasaki KZ400 ‘Type 14’

Removing any unnecessary component down to a motorcycle’s core and still keeping it operable is a hard job even for the most skillful mechanic.

This kind of challenge was approached by the family at the Auto Fabrica. They have put into practice their vision translated into the Kawasaki KZ400 known as ‘Type 14’. And the result? A bike that does not require any addition.

Brothers Bujar, Gaz, and their teammate Toby have joined forces and devoured the entire bike. A new looped subframe was added to the tubular steel frame, which was further added an upgraded shock in the rear and adopted a handmade leather seat covered with a flash mount LED taillight.

This two-engine cylinder was equipped with a full tear down and rebuild with tuning mods added to the head. A hand bent set of custom exhaust pipes were added to complete the beauty of this two-wheeled gem.

Before mounting a bespoke unit in its place, the original fuel tank was removed. Moreover, a set of ultra-low riser bars fix the riding stance in the perfect position.

Would you dare to ride this bike? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.






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