Audi Unveils Its A8L W12 Exclusive Concept

When we think of Audi, we think of power, comfort and reliability, which is why this particular automotive brand is currently one of the most prestigious in the world. The famed German automaker recently unveiled its fabulous A8L W12 Exclusive Concept, which will receive Audi’s ‘Exclusive” personalization service. The car is based on the upcoming 2015 model and looks pretty much like an “ordinary” A8 long-wheelbase model, but we all know that there’s nothing ordinary about an Audi A8.

The real differences can be seen when we take a look inside, where the fabulous custom tailoring and Premium Agatha cognac Aniline leather impress at a glance. The leather looks fabulous and features a diamond-quilting pattern at the center of the seats that instantly adds a touch of extra opulence and fine taste. Moving on to the door-trim inlays and center console, we encounter natural wood as well as a fine grain olive ash finish, while the top of the dash is enveloped in Nappa leather. Needless to say, this car looks stunning, and it would definitely be an absolute delight to drive.

Performance-wise, the A8L W12 Exclusive Concept is powered by a massive 6.3-liter W12 engine that boasts 500 horsepower, which are quite enough to ensure a 0-62 sprint in just 4.2 seconds. Naturally, the car would be a lot quicker if it was lighter, but then again we are talking about an amenity-packed vehicle after all.

Limited to just 50 units and sold exclusively in Europe, this incredible Audi will definitely become one of the most coveted of its kind. If you’d like to buy one yourself, you’d probably be able to place an order by March 2014.