Audi RS6 Avant DTM By Jon Olsson

The exceptional Audi RS6 Avant DTM that you can admire in the images is set to be a part of this year’s Gumball 3000 Stockholm to Las Vegas rally, which is not exactly a competition per se but more of a road trip. Sketched out by automobile enthusiast Jon Olsson, the car boasts an aerodynamic body kit as well as a series of performance-orientated modifications that set it apart from its peers. As far as looks go, the body kit comprises dual carbon fiber canards on the front bumper’s sides, carbon fiber side skirts, a carbon fiber ski box and a carbon fiber front splitter.

Under the hood, the vehicle packs a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine that’s good for 900 horsepower, which is quite a boost from the 560 horsepower featured by the standard version of the RS6. Other noteworthy additions include a Wrapzone custom wrap, a Movit brake kit, a new rooftop spoiler, Intrax race suspension, a Milltek race exhaust and a set of TTE 18 carat gold anodized turbochargers. It sure would be fun to drive this thing around the world, don’t you agree?






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