Audi Duo Luxury Bicycles

Audi Duo Luxury Bicycles (4)

You know what would look great in your garage next to your jaw-dropping Audi? A brand new Audi Duo! Never heard of it before? That’s only because this is not a car, but a luxury bicycle created by Renovo in collaboration with Audi.

The two developed three different models: the Duo City, the Duo Road and he Duo Sport. They all feature Audi’s colors and logo, and the “duo” part of the name is inspired by the automaker’s famous Quattro AWD system. For a really smooth ride, Renovo introduced their hardwood monocoque frame for the bikes.

The City and Sport versions ($6,530 and $7,350, respectively) have eight-speed internal hub gearing and are suitable for city use, while the Road model ($7,460) is created as a performance road bicycle with narrow tires and 20 speeds.

Audi Duo Luxury Bicycles (5)