Asphalt Driveway Work and Tree Service in Missouri

Living in Missouri can take its toll on your home and yard, with harsh winters, dust storms, and other undesirable conditions, things just don’t last as long. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep up with your exterior home image, so that you don’t need to do as many large projects. In any case, there are a lot of things to focus on. Some things you’ll be able to do yourself, such as cleaning, gardening, and basic lawn work. But when it comes to asphalt repairs or resurfacing, and tree service, you may simply not have the time, tools, or expertise necessary. Here are some different reasons you may be interested in asphalt work or tree service, and how to get it done. 

Summer Prep

When it comes to prepping for summer, it can be a chore to say the lease. Whether you’re having a yard competition with your neighbors, you have children bringing friends over, or you hold family gatherings there every now and then, it’s a lot of work. Especially in a place like St. Louis Missouri, where you need to recover from a harsh winter or clean up after dust storms. Regardless of the reason, getting your home ready to show off during the summertime is one of the most popular reasons for getting stuff done. 

For most people, outdoor maintenance just seems like a chore. Especially for those of you living in hot or arid climates, having to go outside in the summer to do manual labor just doesn’t quite match your idea of “fun.” When it comes to tree service or stump removal, the job gets especially hard. For those of you with leftover stumps that are too big of a job to tackle by yourself, a tree stump removal service might just be the right thing for you. With asphalt paving, it’s a very similar scenario. A lot of grueling, unenjoyable work out in the sun, and a lot of manual labor. Much like yard work, the majority of people don’t particularly enjoy paving on their days off. Whatever the case may be, it may be worth your time and effort to put yourself through the work. In the long run, it can save you a lot of money, so long as you do it right the first time.

When it comes to driveways, people are often torn between concrete and asphalt. But chances are, if you’re here you have an asphalt driveway already, so here are some things to keep in mind. The average life expectancy of asphalt is 15-20 years. With only a few years, the asphalt will show cracks and more problems. With paving new asphalt you can have the clean, smooth feel that you always want. There are many ways that you can get a new asphalt driveway or small road, such as paving it yourself and finding a company to professionally do it. But whatever one you chose, finding the right people or tools to do it will mean the difference of a clean asphalt driveway to a rigid and jagged driveway. So make sure that you have the right people or tools to create a beautiful asphalt driveway or road. Take some time and look into options when it comes to asphalt paving in St. Charles.

The Long Road

So you’ve done your research and you simply decided that your job is small enough that you can do it yourself, or maybe you just want to learn a new skill or have an excuse to buy yourself a bunch of new tools. If you’re anything like me, that last option there is the most likely. Either way when doing your own tree service or asphalt paving or resurfacing, it’s important to understand the dangers it holds, and the different tools and expertise you’ll need to get it done correctly. 

The Dangers

The dangers present are mostly present with tree service, since you’ll be working in a more hazardous environment. Every year, tons of people are injured or killed due to their inability or lack of skill to get it done correctly. Just think about removing a large tree, knowing you’re doing all the right things, only to have it start leaning towards your home, and make its way over to destroy one of the largest and most important investments of your life, that you may have worked for years to obtain. Knowing that it could also harm family or friends also doesn’t help the situation. Ask your local law enforcement agency to see if there are any special rules that you may need to follow when it comes to DIY tree service and waste disposal.

When it comes to asphalt paving, you aren’t off the hook though. You’ll be working with a lot of different chemicals and mixtures that can irritate or harm a person through skin, and can be dangerous and poisonous in ingested or breathed in, even in small amounts. With this in mind, it’s important to be extremely cautious, and not let small children near the worksite. It’s also important to make sure that in addition to all the tools you get to properly work with the asphalt, you also get sufficient PPE, or personal protection equipment. This will keep you and others from getting sick or harmed from any of the substances you use, and will also help prevent injuries from machine or tool failure. As with tree service, it’s important to make sure that you check with your local law enforcement agency and see what different options you have when it comes to disposing of old asphalt, as well as hazardous chemicals and materials used in the project. 

All in all, keeping your asphalt driveway and trees on your property looking good and doing their job can be a lot of work, and many people will opt to hire professionals to do it for them, but if you have the extra time to invest into doing it yourself, and are interested in learning a new profession, it can be a great project to do with friends or family!

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