Armored SUV for the Ladies from Dartz

Armored SUV for the Ladies from Dartz (5)

At the Top Marques Monaco 2011, Russian tuner Dartz unveiled the unique three-door L4P Ladies.Only Kapsula Coupe. With a shorter base than other Dartz models, the armored SUV is easy to maneuver. For precise parking the vehicle features an advanced 8 camera system. The two-color interior is highly customizable, as ladies can choose from at least five different skins, including snake, whale, crocodile, and elephant.

The L4P Ladies.Only boasts 999 hp and comes with a lot of other appealing features, like the hi-tech audio video system. To complete the offer, Dartz introduced some special gifts for the buyers: one kilogram of RussoBaltique Caviar with RussoBaltique vodka and…a luxury vibrator designed by Viktor Poontoos. For ladies only indeed.

Dartz will produce just ten units of the remarkable SUV and one customer has already been announced: Princess Regina Abdurazakova from Kazakhstan.

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