Armadillo 161 Bracelet for Men with Style

Diamonds are women’s best friends, but what about men? When they want to flaunt their unique masculine style, what should they wear? For those guys who aren’t very fond of diamonds, the Armadillo 161 bracelet is the perfect alternative! Created by RogueDZN, the bracelet is made of billet block, Military Spec. G5 aerospace grade titanium and has 161 individual parts. Each link bears its own serial number (talk about exclusivity!) and is comprised of eight separate custom machined pieces.

The clasp is set in an angled position and has an integrated thumbscrew which is easily manipulated for closing and opening. The other two thumbscrews in the latch work like mini-wrenches that adjust the bracelet on the wearer’s wrist. With an extremely complex mechanism, one Armadillo 161 bracelet takes over 400 machine hours to create and is certainly going to sell for a prohibitive price.

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