ARGO LX 8×8 Amphibious Vehicle

The ARGO LX 8×8 is very impressive amphibious vehicle that was created with great performance and comfort it mind. It boasts a sleek ergonomic design that guarantees amazing comfort and support, while ARGO’s exclusive treat pattern with 25” tires makes sure that this thing won’t be hindered by the world’s most unwelcoming roads.

ARGO LX 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle 1

Other highlights include a front-mounted 3,500 lb. WARN winch, a built-in bilge pump, an electronic ignition system, two USB/12 V power outlets that can be used to charge gadgets, and low skid plates that slide right over stumps and rocks. The upgraded carbon fiber dashboard is definitely a big plus as well, as is the decent liquid-cooled 30-horsepower Kohler 748 cc EFI engine.

ARGO LX 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle 2 ARGO LX 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle 3 ARGO LX 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle 4 ARGO LX 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle 5

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