Are RTA Bathroom Cabinets A Good Option for Your Re-modelling Project?

Bathroom remodeling projects are very challenging due to the various decisions that you need to make about what to use to replace the old. This is mainly seen with the cabinets that might be too old and need replacement or upgrading. When replacing your cabinets, the most obvious options are picking between the premade, custom or RTA ones. While the first two may be familiar with most people, it is not unusual to come across people wondering whether they should use the RTA cabinets or not. Read on and find out;

Common Concerns Over RTA Cabinets.

Most people that are reluctant to use RTA cabinets have issues over the quality. In the past, these cabinets were cheap and low-cost options for remodeling projects. However, this is not the case today since there are various styles and options for you to pick from with most of them offering good quality for the quoted. Depending on where you buy them from, do not be worried about getting low-quality ones if you carefully analyze the options before picking one.

Another common concern over the RTA cabinets is on their assembly. Most people say that they are not craftsmen and feel that they cannot assemble the cabinets well. Contrary to this notion, most RTA cabinets are designed to be assembled by people with minimal experience. They come with instructions that can direct one to assemble them and you do not require complicated tools to do it.

The Upside.

You can enjoy several benefits by using RTA cabinets for your bathroom remodeling project. Most of them will help you to reduce the overall costs, and they all begin on the labor. Whether you are hiring a pro to install them for you or doing it yourself, you will spend less than what you would have you gone for the standard cabinets.

RTA cabinets come in pieces, and this reduces the space they occupy when being shipped. This way, you get to save a lot of money on shipping when compared to what you would have used on the fully assembled cabinets. Another advantage of the form they come in is that they are less likely to suffer damage during the shipping process. The various pieces are premade and available once you identify the ones you need thus they will arrive faster than the other options.

One can imagine that one is limited to the factory designs when they buy the RTA cabinets. This is false since you get many options by opting for these cabinets. The different parts can be compared to a game of Lego where you have different building blocks that can be used to make a structure of your choice. Modern day designers at have hundreds of styles, features and customization options that allow you to achieve any design you want using these RTA cabinets.

Some of the major concerns and benefits surrounding the RTA cabinets have been mentioned, and you should be able to see why they are a favorable option for your bathroom remodeling project.