Aras Kazar’s Blue Dream II Superyacht Concept

Blue Dream II is the name of a luxury superyacht concept by a young and passionate yacht designer, Aras Kazar. It measures 220 feet in length, the hull is made of steel and the superstructure is all aluminum. A sun panel on the roof takes care of the vessel’s electricity requirements, making it environmentally friendly.

It has a range of 2500 nautical miles and it can transport its passengers at a cruising speed of 20 knots and a maximum speed of 30 knots. The whole structure of the yacht is enveloped in glass, allowing everyone onboard to enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views of the ocean. Side and front glass walls can be opened, thus connecting the inside with the outside. All four levels of the Blue Dream II are lushly equipped to ensure perfectly comfortable and relaxing trips.

The top deck features an open bridge and a U-shaped sofa: an ideal spot for relaxing with a cocktail and admiring the views. A grand suite with Jacuzzi is located on the second deck, together with a private office and a bar. The captain’s bridge is also here.

The third deck is all bout socializing and having fun. Two Jacuzzis, a gym, a library, a formal dining room/conference facility and a spacious lounge are all on the third deck.

Guests will find their staterooms on the last deck, where two guest cabins are ready to accommodate up to six people. You can admire the 220-ft Blue Dream II in the pictures below.


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