Aquariva Luxury Speedboat by Mark Newson and Riva

Aquariva is a superb speedboat created by Mark Newson in collaboration with some really important names in the ship making industry: Officiana Italian Design and Riva Shipyards. Newson is an England-based Australian designer, while Riva is an Italian superyacht builder that is now part of the renowned Ferretti Group. Officiana Italian Design has been creating outstanding designs for Riva for the last twenty years.

The three have joined forces and expertise to create one outstanding speedboat with a lovely 60s feel. The faux mahogany goes perfectly with the bright turquoise upholstery. The vessel was launched in autumn 2011, but it has recently enjoyed a new round of applauses when it was exhibited at the 36th Arte Fiera art fair in Bologna, Italy. Note that we are not talking about a luxury yacht salon, or a boat show, but a true art fair!

Production is limited to only 22 units, and they all bear a hefty price tag: $1.5 million.

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