Apple Would Need A Lot Of Gold To Produce Its 18K Gold Watch

As it is one of the world’s most renowned and successful manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, Apple has access to vast sums of money. However, a lot of you might be unaware that Apple is so successful that it could potentially gain access to about 30% of the world’s annual gold production. Why would the American multinational corporation need such a big influx of gold, you ask? Well, it has everything to do with the exquisite 18k gold Apple Watch, which would require massive amounts of gold in order to remain in sustained production.

The math was done by Josh Center, who works at a firm named TidBits. With plans to sell at least one million of the luxurious gadgets each month, Apple could affect gold prices worldwide, and not in a good way. Each timepiece requires about 2 troy ounces of gold in order to be complete, which would equate to 734 imperial tons per year. Even though they are planned for mass production, the 18k Gold Apple Watches won’t come cheap, that much is certain.


Source: TidBits

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