Ame Supper Club by Munge Leung

Ame Supper Club by Munge Leung 10

The club oozes personality – that’s the first thing you notice about it. Drawing inspiration form the Asian culture, Munge Leung gave Ame a unique charm. They managed to create a perfect balance between traditional and modern influences and they knew how to protect themselves from the influence of stereotypes in creating an Asian-like ambiance.

With a contrasting use of materials, shapes and colors, the place is far from being inconsistent in appearance, as some might expect. The Ame supper club is perfectly balanced through contrast. After dining, people can spend some quality time in the lovely lounging and dancing area.

The waiters’ uniforms (created by Canadian designer Anne Hung) match the rest of the place, as the staff wears Asian inspired clothes. Kimono fabrics, and black leather inserts are also  present on the lively colored banquettes and on other furniture elements. All in all, this is definitely a place to visit when you find yourself in Toronto, Canada.