Amazing Windowless Jet Concept By IXION

Traveling by plane is convenient, fast and quite affordable nowadays, but it is becoming pretty banal and sometimes even boring, especially if you can’t admire a great view during your trip. Sure, you can sometimes sneak a peek of the city when the plane is landing or taking off, but you usually end up looking at endless clouds for hours afterwards.

Well, thanks to the brilliant minds at a company called IXION, boring flights might become a thing of the past, all thanks to an innovative concept known as the windowless jet. Equipped with high-end cameras on its fuselage, this jet is able to capture amazing 360-degre views of its surroundings while feeding those images to a series of large display panels found within the cabin. The panels allow travelers to admire fabulous views during their flight even though the jet itself features no windows whatsoever.

Thanks to an extensive array of available customizations, these panels can also display a plethora of different scenes such as outer space animations, cityscapes, beaches or mountains. It all sounds quite promising, don’t you agree?






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