Amazing Vanhawks Valour Carbon Fiber Smart Bike

Many gadgets are referred to as “smart” these days, including our watches, phones, eyewear, cars and even clothing pieces, but smart bikes are still somewhat of a novelty in the tech world, especially those made out of high-end materials. The Vanhawks Valour is the first carbon fiber smart bike in the world, which means that it features exceptional sturdiness, lightness and reliability.

Aside from its high quality construction, this bike also impresses with a series of innovative and useful features such as LED indicators and connectivity capabilities to iOS or Android based smartphones and Pebble smartwatches.

Furthermore, while on the road, the rider is able to share and receive information regarding road conditions or stolen bikes with other nearby Vanhawks Valours. For increased practicality, this innovative 2-wheeler also features a special blind spot system that should dramatically decrease any chance of an accident.





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