Amazing Submersible Can Reach Depths Of 6,600 Feet

The outstanding submersible that you’re looking at right now was unveiled by the CEO of Triton Submarines, L. Bruce Jones, during a press conference at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on November 6. Dubbed Triton 6600, the submersible is available for order at the time of writing, and it can carry up to two people down to 6,600 feet below the surface of the ocean.

Submersible Can Reach Depths Of 6,600 Feet

Even though it looks similar to the company’s 3300 models, the 6600 features a series of upgrades such as hulls that allow the passengers to board even after the vessel has been deployed into the water. Other highlights include a system that maintains the pressure in the passenger compartment at levels found at the surface, all thanks to a brand new technique developed by the company’s acrylic manufacturing partners. Boasting a dive duration of 10 hours and a life support system that runs for 96 hours, the Triton 6600 is definitely one of the world’s safest and most practical submersibles.

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