Amazing Property in Stevensville, Maryland

On the look for a new luxury home? Allow us to make a suggestion: a magnificent gated property in Stevensville, Maryland. The home was built in 2010 and flaunts all sorts of luxury conveniences throughout. All its 15,666 square feet of space are tastefully furnished and decorated in a very elegant manner, ensuring comfort and a sense of wellness to every dweller.

The amount of plush details is remarkable, starting from the Mahogany floors with custom inlays and finishing with the spectacular Swarovski chandeliers. The high-end furnishings flaunt intricate trims and there is even a little gold leaf opulence on the high dining room ceiling.

As you walk through the house you will find various luxury features, such as a lovely limestone fireplace, a beautiful rosewood sideboard with ivory and gold details, an ebony table with gold and silver lattice by DessinFourninr, wall tiles with brass and copper hand inlays, tufted Madagascar wood chairs, and more. With 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a home theater, indoor and outdoor kitchens, swimming pool, and 18.67 acres of land (shooting range included), the property is currently for sale at $34.5 million.

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