Amazing Penthouse in Moscow by Geometrix Design

This two-bedrooms, two-bathrooms penthouse in Moscow boasts gorgeous modern interiors by Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina of Geometrix Design. It is located on the 45th floor of the Triumph Palace building in Moscow and it offers 1,500 square feet of living spaces.

The designers were asked to create light and spacious interiors ,so they found various smart solutions to maximize the available space of the apartment. Right at the entry, they chose to cover an entire wall with a mirror in order to obtain the illusion of a larger hallway. Another good example is the bathroom, which was nicely furnished with everything a luxe bathroom needs, without being over-decorated with redundant details.

Strictly separated areas were replaced with airy rooms that allow for a seamless transition between each other. For instance, the living room and the kitchen are partly separated by a wall featuring leather panels, but no door closes completely one area from the other.

For the bedroom, bright sources of light were completely abandoned. The intimacy of this room is further accentuated by soft lights and warm colors. In complete contrast with this area, the very large terrace of the penthouse is flooded with light and offers sweeping views of the city. More than a simple open platform, this nicely furnished area is the perfect spot for relaxation, reading, meeting guests and even enjoy a delicious meal.

Amazing Penthouse in Moscow by Geometrix Design (20)


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