Amazing Palmer Johnson World Superyacht

Even though it is still being built, the Palmer Johnson World superyacht gives luxury enthusiasts plenty of reasons to feel excited. This massive 265-foot vessel is currently being put together in Norway, and when it will finally be complete, it might become one of the most extraordinary vessels in existence. Apart from its size and cutting-edge design, the World by Palmer Johnson also impresses with a mind-boggling array of state-of-the art technologies that will allow it to sail across the unwelcoming waters of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The vessel was sketched out by the Rolls-Royce Marina and Palmer Johnson, and it has enough room on board for a crew of 27 and 12 guests. Some of its highlights include a Long Range Acoustic Device that can be used as a special sonic weapon, water cannons and a special thermal imaging system. Needless to say, the yacht is equipped with some of the most advanced security technologies available, but it is also designed to be eco-friendly despite its massive size.

No official information regarding the yacht’s price tag exist at this point, but considering its outstanding array of amenities and impressive performance, we can expect it cost about $150 million.

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