Amazing P-901 Residence in Mexico City

The residence we are about to present is probably one of the most luxurious and beautiful in the entire city of Mexico, and it can be found in Bosques de Las Lomas boasting superb views of the city and of the surrounding environment.

The home was designed by a company named Craft Arquitectos, and it was completed in 2012 featuring a unique mix of materials and high-end design elements that make it stand out among any other houses of its kind. The P-901 boasts a total of 2,530 square feet of living space, ensuring ample living arrangements for the owner and his family.

During the construction process, the designers decided to use a clever blend of materials such as glass, stone, steel and wood that coexist in balance while providing maximum functionality and practicality. Furthermore, the main living areas of the abode are defined using solid blocks of varying heights, which ensure each living area flaunts individuality and its own unique character. Finally, one of the most impressive features of this fabulous residence consists of breathtaking views that can be observed from nearly every room, since all living areas are equipped with large windows that allow for an invasion of natural light within.

You can revel in the beauty of the P-901 Residence yourself by browsing through the picture gallery we provided below.