Amazing Nissan Patrol Tows 170 Ton Aircraft

You know your car is remarkably potent when it manages to tow a huge cargo plane with seemingly little effort. Nissan’s powerful Patrol did exactly that on August 22, reportedly breaking the world record for the heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car. The challenge took place at the Sharjah International Airport, and now the Japanese company is waiting for the official Guinness recognition of the effort.

In the videos below, the giant plane looks like a Leviathan next to the muscular 4×4, but following the example of David and Goliath, the Patrol managed to pull 340,000 pounds (170 tons) behind it for 98 feet (30 meters). It’s not exactly clear when you will need your car to tow a huge machine like in this bold experiment, but the show was nevertheless impressive. And Patrol has definitely made a powerful statement.