Amazing Meridiist 2 Mobile Phone by Tag Heuer

Even though Tag Heuer is mostly known for its high-end watches, the company decided to try its luck at mobile phone manufacturing 5 years ago, when it released the first Meridiist mobile phone. Initially, the phone was highly appreciated for its unique features and stunning design, but the Meridiist has become somewhat outdated as the years passed. Consequently, Tag Heuer released the second generation Meridiist not too long ago, and we were actually quite impressed with its new offerings.

The Meridiist 2 thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and it even comes in 10 different design options spread across three distinct styles named Jewelry, Elegance and Prestige. Other details include a stainless steel chassis, a sapphire screen as well as a highly efficient battery that reportedly lasts as much as 28 days on a single charge.

Visuals aside, the new phone boasts a round-the-clock exclusive concierge service, which allows the user to get in touch with a Tag Heuer representative that can take care of various formalities such as booking flight tickets or making dinner reservations. Furthermore, the phone comes with full dual-SIM compatibility, which is especially useful for people that travel the world a lot.

Tech wise, the Meridiist 2 is not exactly top-of-the-line, but it does come with a second display that flaunts a dual-GMT function, as well a 5-megapixel rear camera and 8GB of storage. Its TFT LCD display measures 2.4 inches, which is not much but is still quite enough for normal day-to-day use. One such amazing gadget will set you back $5300, and you can purchase it from Tag Heuer boutiques or select retailers.