Amazing In-Ear Headphones By Fender

Fender is a brand that’s known for its incredible guitars, but it looks like the company has decided to branch out into the headphone business, as it has released a very impressive selection of five wired in-ear models. Boasting prices ranging from $99 to $499, the headphones in question will be manufactured by a company named Aurisonics, which was actually purchased by Fender.

Amazing In-Ear Headphones By Fender (3)

Each headphone model will flaunt titanium drivers, but only the high-end and expensive models will be 3D-printed using something called “Digital Hybrid Technology.” This tech uses data gathered from thousands of ears in order to make sure that the product will fit 95% of users perfectly. What we’ve seen so far are some rendered models that come in colorways such as silver, blue, red, bronze and clear. We can’t wait to get our hands on the real thing. How about you?

Amazing In-Ear Headphones By Fender (2)

Amazing In-Ear Headphones By Fender (1)

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