Amazing Amazon Echo Device

The Amazon Echo device might just be one of the most incredible gifts that you can buy for your loved ones this Christmas. This cylindrical little gadget can be placed anywhere in the household and can be asked to deliver various information regarding the weather, the news or anything else that might pop into your head. The Amazon Echo can also play your favorite music upon request. All you have to do is input the right command, such as “Alex, play music by Metallica”.

The device is equipped with 7 microphones, which means that it can hear you without any issues from anywhere in the room and from any angle. The Echo gets its information from the digital cloud thanks to the Amazon Web Services, which means that as time goes by, it continues to gather data in order to provide more accurate and more sophisticated responses. To make things even better, the device is compatible with a smartphone app that allows the user to remotely manage his or her music library, alarms and shopping lists.

If you would like to purchase one of these innovative gadgets, you should be prepared to spend $199. However, you will need a special invite to do so. Amazon Prime members can get it at a lower price, $99 to be precise.


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