Amazing 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG S65

As any respectable modern automaker, Mercedes-Benz is hell-bent on improving its products, even when we’re talking about a near perfect S63 AMG 4Matic. The improved version of this acclaimed automobile is the new Mercedes-Benz AMG S65, which packs a bigger engine, better suspension and a lot more tech.

If you are interested in the numbers, we’ll start off by telling you that this four-wheeled beast in disguise is able to do a 0-62 mph sprint in just 4.2 seconds, while its top speed is limited to just 155 mph even though its dial shows 220. This was all possible thanks to a massive 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission, which keeps in check an outstanding output of 738 lb-ft of torque and 621 horsepower.  As for the tech, the S65 boasts adaptive steering and a lightweight lithium-ion battery, while its AMG-tuned suspension benefits from the Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Control and Road Surface Scan technologies.

Other details include optional ceramic brakes and a gorgeous set of 20″ forged alloy wheels, while is interior comes with a stunning IWC Schaffhausen dashboard clock and comfortable diamond-quilted Nappa leather upholstery.  This engineering masterpiece will be unveiled during the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, which will take place between November 23 and December 1. Will you be there to see it?