Amazing $1.5 Million Experience Offered by The Macallan

Amazing $1.5 Million Experience Offered by The Macallan

For $1.5 million you could get many things. But  has got one tempting suggestion: use that money to spoil yourself in a unique Macallan way. We are talking about a dreamy whiskey experience that includes personal jet flights and luxury hotels.

It all starts with a deluxe flight to Paris. Here you will be accommodated in the Presidential Suite of the Four Seasons Hotel George V for four nights. During your stay here, you will meet the designers from Lalique and visit their studios in Wingen-sur-Moden. Lalique will then create the decanters in which you will receive the eight Macallan whiskeys that you are going to choose personally.

Two of these whiskeys will be as old as from the 1940s, while the other six will each represent one decade from 1950 until now. To top it all off, you, as the recipient of this wonderful opportunity, will have the honor of staying at the home of The Macallan and enjoy delicious meals there. That even includes some salmon that you will catch yourself in the River Spay.

After all is said and done, you will proudly own eight Macallan whiskeys and a bespoke cabinet for the bottles, signed Viscount David Linley.Amazing $1.5 Million Experience Offered by The Macallan