Alvarez Beach House in Misterio Beach, Peru

Designed by Lima-based Longhi Architects, the Alvarez Beach House is a superb contemporary residence on Misterio Beach, about 72 miles south of Lima, Peru. It was completed in 2010 for a large family, and it is situated some 50 meters (164 feet) above sea level, thus ensuring superb ocean views.

The entire project was designed and completed in accordance to the specific requirements of the  client, who is a successful surgeon. A series of terraces were built to create a feeling of connection between the house and the ocean. These areas contain the recreational facilities and the swimming pool, being ideal spots for fun and entertainment.

Offering 6,200 square feet of spaces spread over five luxurious levels, this beach house really has it all. The social area can be found on two levels, near the entry. The levels above the social area are designed for the boys and their guests, while the levels below belong to the parents, the girls, and their guests.

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