AKA Central Park Offers Glamorous Rooftop Camping in NYC

Glamping is our new favorite thing! New to the concept? Well, let us introduce you to this awesome new trend that has made New York City even more fascinating than it already was – if such a thing is even possible. Glamping is a shortened version of “glamorous camping”, which is a new and exciting way of enjoying the big city while also feeling connected to nature.

You might wonder how a world of concrete and steel, filled with skyscrapers and other massive buildings can bring you close to nature. Well, turning obstacles into opportunities always results in amazing things. In this particular case, if you feel that a very tall tower is obstructing your view of the stars, simply climbing it will actually get closer to the sky!

So why not camp on a rooftop for a change? AKA Central Park is an excellent place to do that, right in the center of the city and only a block away from the Central Park entrance. The 17-story building has 134 studios and suites, but the most alluring of all are the two one-bedroom penthouses on the last floor, which boast an irresistible Zen luxury atmosphere and 1,500 square feet of wraparound terraces.

The terraces have lovely lounging areas, inviting dining spot, wood burning fireplaces, stunning views over the city and the possibility to sleep outdoors, under the flickering lights of the stars and the surrounding buildings. Here guests can enjoy midnight movie screenings, candle-lit romantic snacks, and even a giant telescope that can bring the stars closer to them. All this is available at $1,995 a night, but keep in mind that one night of glamping here might change your whole perspective on traditional camping!