Airbnb Transforms A Jetliner Into A Hotel Room

This is not the first time that we’ve seen an airplane being transformed into a hotel, but we have to admit that Airbnb did a particularly impressive job in remodeling the interior of this retired KLM Royal Dutch Airlines jetliner. The plane in question flaunts 4,000-square feet of interior living space and includes a superb master bedroom as well as two kitchens, seven bathrooms and even a home cinema and a children’s play area.

Now you may be wondering what drove Airbnb to customize this airplane in the first place. Well, the aircraft was transformed in order to provide accommodations for the winners of a contest hosted by KLM Airlines and Airbnb. The jetliner will operate as a hotel for three nights from November 28 to November 30, when it will be grounded at Amsterdam’s primary traffic hub. Highlights include quirky décor elements as well as a large double bed and outstanding entertainment facilities. Too bad the transformation is not permanent.




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