AE House by twentyfoursevenᵒ

AE House by twentyfourseven (30)

For this lovely house project, twentyfoursevenᵒ architecture and landscape firm came up with some simple yet very effective solutions. The plot of the house was very similar to others in the area, but the architect’s approach was definitely not a traditional one. Instead of erecting a simple, rectangular home on the allotted piece of property, they  created a cross-shaped residence. This ensured an increased openness towards the gardens and the surroundings, while also providing all the privacy the owners needed.

Large open living spaces create a relaxing and serene atmosphere, while the personal areas (like the bedrooms on the third level) are protected from the eyes of passers by. As expected, the basement floor is where the services are placed, while the first floor houses the family room, the living room, the kitchen, a studio, a bathroom, a foyer, a reading room, a game room and more. Large windows ensure great views throughout the stunning AE House.