AC Schnitzer’s Marvelous BMW X6

We have to admit that the BMW X6 is a pretty awesome car, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved further. Courtesy of a tuning company named AC Schnitzer, this stunning German automobile boasts more power as well as improved looks. The vehicle’s brand new aerodynamic package comprises AC Schnitzer hood vents with optional chrome features, a new front skirt, carbon mirror covers, a rear diffuser and a rear skirt protective film.

Since we’re talking about an aero kit, it makes sense that it would also ensure improved performance capabilities aside from allowing the BMW to stand out in a crowd. The standard wheels were swapped for a gorgeous set of 23-inch alloys, while the interior modifications include the addition of velour floor mats, an aluminum pedal set, a key holder and some foot rests.

When it comes to power, AC Schnitzer’s experts improved the performance of the X6 30d, X6 40d, X6 35i and X6 50i versions by quite a bit. The 30d now flaunts 304 horsepower, the 40d and 35i feature an output of 355 horsepower, while the 50i variant received a boost to 517 horsepower. Clients can also choose to equip their rides with a single or a twin silencer and with a suspension spring kit.

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