A Wonderful World of Wine Drinks

When you think of mixed drinks, it’s easy to focus on liquors like whiskey and rum. Have you ever thought about can wine being used in quality mixed drinks? Wine, be it red or white, sparkling or bubbly, can, in fact, be used for multiple recipes perfect for any possible situation.

You don’t need to be a mixologist to enjoy delicious mixed drinks featuring wine. You can finally put that spare bottle you have lying around to good use!

Wine Punch

Perfect for a large gathering, a big bowl of wine punch is sure to please your next crowd. There are several ways you could go about punch depending on flavor preference. Strawberries, Moscato, daiquiri mix, and lemon-lime soda are popular combinations. Experiment with different fruit flavors.


This is one of the more famous wine mixed drinks. Sangria is so popular in part because of its simplicity. The drink has three main components:

  • Wine (usually red)
  • Brandy
  • Sliced fruit of your choice

Of course, you can iterate on this core and make this drink your own. Orange juice is a classic Sangria complement but by no means the only option. We have a recipe for Hard Apple Cider Sangria that not only uses orange juice but also prominently features hard apple cider and apple juice. Sangria is especially nice because with the fruit it doubles as a little snack.

Warm Wine Drinks

Even in the middle of the summer, there are going to be chilly nights that leave you wanting something warm. A lot of these drinks have an autumnal or wintry flavor profile but can be enjoyed in any season. Besides, who doesn’t love some Christmas in July?

Mulled wine is like a blank canvas you can fill in however you desire. There are so many different spice and fruit combinations you can use. If you’re going heavy on the citrus flavors, you’ll want to pair it with more of a fruity wine.

For a stronger drink and more powerful taste, you can add in brandy, cognac, or rum. Flavored liquors that complement the natural flavors of the wine are also a good choice. Adding these in should be done just before serving to not upset the balance of the drink.


The Bellini is another classic and another exercise in simplicity. All you need for a traditional Bellini is Prosecco champagne, peach purée, and some leftover whole peaches for garnish. And a chilled glass to pour it in, of course.

Not that you’re locked in with peaches. Apricots, oranges, strawberries, you name a fruit, and it can probably be puréed and put into a Bellini.

Bellini’s are one of those indicators that summer is fully in swing. There are few things more refreshing on a warm day than this bubbly, fruity drink.


Mimosas are a close cousin to the Bellini but deserve their own category due to how iconic the drink has become. Name a more iconic duo than brunch and Mimosas.

Instead of purée, Mimosas use fruit juice, usually orange. Mimosas are also not associated with any particular kind of champagne. However, as the New York Times Cooking page reminds us, you get out what you put in. Using lower-quality champagne is going to result in a lower-quality Mimosa.

Wine Spritzers

This is an easy one, something you can whip up with limited time and ingredients. You can use either red or white wine.

All you need for a basic spritzer is a glass filled with ice, wine of your choice, and club soda or lemon-lime soda. Fill halfway with wine and top it off with the soda. Instant spritzer.

With more time and ingredients, you can afford to get a little creative. As always, adding in some fruit can be a great flavor enhancer.

Whatever you choose, best of luck on all your wine adventures!

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