A Tray, Really?

A Tray Really

All holyday decorations seem too dull for you? Maybe you should try something else this year. What you see here is a 4 kilo gold…tray. The soap-bubbles design may confuse you a little with regard to its utility, but we can tell you for sure it’s a functional tray.

Named the Gold Macedonia Tray, this expensive creation of Janne Kyttanen can be found at Freedom of Creation with a price tag that sais $229,414 (or €165,546). So how do you use this object? First of all you must know that each “gold bubble” was made for a very practical purpose. They are like little pockets for all sorts of fruit and they can also “accommodate” other decorative elements such as painted eggs for Easter (if you are into that sort of things). Then there is always the option of using your imagination to come up with other uses for the tray.You should know that it takes at least six weeks for the Gold Macedonia Tray to be delivered to you, so start planning ahead!A Tray ReallyA Tray ReallyA Tray Really