A Staggering Price for a Luxury Scarf: £3 Million!

Why so much for a scarf? Simply because of its special origins. It is not a gold thread scarf, it’s not gem-studded either, but it was designed by famous French painter, Matisse. The founder of Ascher London, the famous luxury scarves maker, Zika Ascher, went to Paris in 1946 to speak with Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse about a special project. They were invited to design luxury scarves and this here is what Matisse created.

The work is entitled “Océanie, la mer” and only 30 examples of the precious scarf were made. Half of them were given to the artist and this particular piece comes from his studio wall. The source of inspiration for the design was Matisse’s 1940 visit to Tahiti. Recently, the precious luxury accessory was sold at auction by Christie’s London and found a very generous new owner, who bought it for a staggering £3 million (approximately $4.78 million).

A Staggering Price for a Luxury Scarf: £3 Million!

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