A Remarkable George Stubs Painting to Fetch $33 Million

George Stubs Painting (2)

George Stubbs was an English artist of the 18th century who is best known for his paintings of horses, even though he started out as a portrait painter. One of his masterpieces, depicting a famous racehorse of that time, will soon be sold at Christie’s, London, for a pre-estimated sum of approximately £20 million, or some $33 million.

The name of the painting is “Gimcrack on Newmarket Heath, with a Trainer, a Stable-Lad, and a Jockey”. It was painted in 1765 and it is one of the most important works of Stubbs’. Gimcrack – the racehorse – appears twice in the picture, once in the foreground, with the trainer and the other two human characters, and the second time in the background, winning a race. This could be one of the greatest horse-racing paintings of all. It was created for the owner of the horse, Viscount Bolingbroke.

Many of Stubbs’ works were considerably affected by time, due to the materials that he used, but this one is still in great condition. Christie’s announces that the old master painting is one of the most valuable ones to appear at auction.

George Stubs Painting (1) George Stubs Painting (2)