A New Supercar from Britain: The BAC MONO

Believe it or not, the BAC MONO, powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.3-liter Cosworth engine, capable of delivering 280 horsepower, is worthy of being called a supercar. We know, the engine displacement is not impressive and neither is the horsepower figure.

But wait ‘till you hear about the power-to-weight ratio! Being incredibly light, this baby boasts a power-to-weight ratio that’s even better than that of a Bugatti Veyron: 520 bhp/ton. This translates into a mind-blowing speed that can take the car from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds!

The BAC MONO is created by brothers Ian and Neil Briggs from Cheshire and it proudly wears a price tag that screams £79,950 (or approximately $130,250). Are you ready for it?

The BAC MONO (4)

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