A New Hot Holiday Bottle for the Famous Rémy Martin VSOP

If you plan on celebrating this Halloween with style, then you need the proper drink for the occasion. The cognac house of Rémy Martin has got the perfect solution for you, again. This is not the first time that the famous French champagne cognac maker creates special editions of its products, and this time we are talking about a holiday makeover of the best selling VSOP (Very Special/Superior Old Pale) cognac in America.

The amber-colored cognac is presented in a stylish red bottle with a simple yet sophisticated look. You can only feel special when bringing this bottle and a couple of crystal glasses to the table. The Rémy Martin VSOP boasts a refined and rich aroma, with notes of vanilla, peach, apricot, licorice and violet. The flavors are perfectly balanced into a smooth drink with a long finish.

You can have it on its own or with ice, you can mix it in a classic cocktail or you may add a little soda and lemon. But there is one way you cannot drink the Rémy Martin VSOP Hot Holiday bottle: alone.

A New Hot Holiday Bottle for the Famous Rémy Martin VSOP

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