A License Plate With The Number 1 Was Sold For $4.7 Million

It’s hard to imagine why someone would spend an enormous amount of money to own a simple license plate, but that’s exactly what happened during an auction event held in Sharjah. A businessman in the United Arab Emirates named Arif Ahmad al-Zarouni has purchased a license plate with the number “1” for $4.7 million, and that’s because it was his ambition to always be number 1.

During the event, other popular numbers such as 12, 22, 50, 100, 333, 777, 1000, 2016 and 2020 were also sold for impressive sums of money, but they didn’t manage to bring in nowhere near four million dollars. Apparently, Arif has purchased the license plate for his own personal use, which is why he was only interested in the auction’s final lot.

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