A Guide to Buy Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Lingerie plays a significant role in shaping your body and makes you feel sexy and desirable. Plus size lingerie only meant dull black, white, or grey underwear. But, as the markets are shifting, plus size women are also getting their share of attention. Brands have become more inclusive, which has made lots of choices available for women who are a size up. 

Plus size lingerie is for you if you wear a bra cup D or bigger and your size for the underband is 40. Let’s help you with this quick guide to purchasing sexy plus size lingerie.

A Guide to Buy Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

Get The Right Size

Nothing can be more disappointing than getting the wrong size of your lingerie. Lingerie is supposed to make your body look in shape and give you confidence. A wrong measure can bring you discomfort and make your body look clumsy. Hence, you must choose the right bra and panty for yourself. Size does not remain constant, and it changes with a change in your diet, hormones, or any sickness. 

It’s better to check your size every time you buy lingerie, even if you already know your size in the brand you have opted for. For measuring cup size, you should put the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts. You can measure the belt by placing the measuring tape under the bust. 

Now, to get the right cup size, subtract the band size from your bust size. Every inch equals one cup size up. For example, if the difference is 1 inch, the cup size is A. Similarly, a plus-size D cup has a difference of 2 inches.

Prioritize Comfort 

Your lingerie stays with you for the whole day, and if it’s not comfortable, nothing can save you from the stress. Your lingerie should make you feel good all day long, and this will only happen when you go for something comfortable. Reinforced plus size bra and underwear keeps everything in place and look equally sexy. Technical fabrics will suit your shaping and sculpting needs. 

Not only are they incredibly breathable, but they also have impressive shaping capabilities that create smooth lines under your tight-fitting tops. The adjustable bra gives maximum support and is exceptionally comfortable. The best thing about an adjustable bra is that it is stylish too. 

Make sure your straps do not dig in your skin and are comfortably placed on your shoulders. The band also needs to sit snugly against your back. The cups should cover your breasts properly.  

Never your breasts should be bulging out from the corners. You can go for full-support bras that hold your plump breasts, giving them full coverage. Underwire bras are also great as they sit comfortably under your breasts.

Dare To Be Bold

As a curvy woman, it’s not necessary that you only go for traditional and classic lingerie. Nowadays, there are so many options in lingerie for curvy women too to choose from. From sexy babydolls, camisoles to bodysuits, garter sets, cami sets, and bodice, you get to see many options now. You can select a babydoll or a garter for sexy nights, honeymoon, or other such romantic occasions.

Sexy plus size lingerie can make you more confident about your body. Go for lingerie that highlights your body part that you love the most. You can go for thongs or boxer briefs if you love the curve of your butt. 

Look for Maximum Support 

Your lingerie should give you maximum support, which is essential for comfort and health reasons.  A wide strap bra is ideal for providing support to your breasts as you have a broader chest and back. Wider sides and reinforcement at the breast area offer better support. The same thing applies to panties. For day-to-day needs, panties with broader sides are ideal as they support the hips and backside. 

For a sexy appeal, opt for a panty made of lace or a thong. Better avoid high-waist underwear as they roll down the stomach and create an unflattering role at your waist. Briefs work best in sheer style, keeping things light. 

Now, it’s not only about plus size lingerie, but women of any age or size should take special considerations while choosing lingerie. Go for the size that fits your body and the fabric that gives you the most comfort. You need to keep in mind your body type to make the best choice in lingerie. 

Sexy plus size lingerie is available in both online and offline stores. You should place an order only when you know your size correctly. Otherwise, you can go and checkout in a physical store. But, whenever you go shopping, keep the above things in mind.

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