A €150,000 Saucepan at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow

For five years now the Millionaire Fair has been bringing some of the most unexpected exhibits to our attention. This year the event was held in Moscow and we were amazed to see there things like the $729,000 Lamborghini, a $3 million Swarovski mosaic, and skin care products in containers decorated with 5,000 Swarovski crystals.

But probably the weirdest item was the €150,000 saucepan. Oh, yes, you heard us well: a saucepan. What makes it so expensive is the 18 carat gold decorating it and the 270 diamonds on the lid and handles. Is this thing even practical? The answer is: not really. Food can be served in it, but you definitely cannot cook anything in this pan. It is simply a bling for the millionaires.

We wonder if food gets a special taste just by sitting in this one-off pan. Probably not. But those eating at a table where the most expensive saucepan in the world is displayed will definitely feel special. You should know that the utensil has a good chance of entering the Guinness Book.

A €150,000 Saucepan at the Millionaire Fair in MoscowA €150,000 Saucepan at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow

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