A Catamaran With Hydrofoils Might Soon Become Real

Combining the amazing luxuriousness and comfort of a catamaran with the practicality and speed of hydrofoil tech is no easy task, but one such project might soon materialize courtesy of a sailing enthusiast named Tom Phillips. Tom hopes to build this outstanding vessel with funds gathered via Kickstarter, but his $500,000 goal will definitely be challenging to achieve. Hydrofoils are currently being implemented in smaller boats with great success, and according to Philips, his own company already has the technology required to adapt them to larger scale use.

In theory, the foil system would allow the catamaran to reach impressive speeds of about 30 knots, and it would also facilitate sailing across shallow waters. Tom has already assembled a group that’s ready to build the boat, and its members include the founder and CEO of Gunboat, Peter Johnstone, as well as the DNA Design Team from Holland.

The Kickstarter campaign for this catamaran has some impressive rewards in store for contributors. Those who will pledge $25 will receive a T-shirt bearing the Foiling Cats logo, while a $100 pledge brings a ticket to the boat’s official launch party during the 2016 Miami Boat Show. Big spenders who will churn out $1,000 will get 2 boat show tickets, 2 launch party tickets and 2 nights lodging in Miami. Finally, $10,000 guarantees a three-day cruise on the unique vessel.

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