A 16th Century Piece of Furniture for Sale at $985,000

This is the Francis I Renaissance Sideboard, and it’s now for sale at M.S. Rau Antiques. With a hard oak interior and a very elaborately decorated walnut exterior, this rare piece of furniture is over 425 years old.

Back in 1917 another similar piece was bought by Henry Clay Frick who paid $110,000 for it. That’s about $26,300,000 in today’s currency! This makes the Francis I Renaissance Sideboard extremely precious, especially since it is still in almost perfect condition.

Measuring 71 3/4″ wide x 23 1/2″ deep x 65 3/8″ high, the 16th century piece is priced at $985,000. It is safe to say that this is currently both the rarest and the most important piece of furniture on the market.

Francis I Renaissance Sideboard (1) Francis I Renaissance Sideboard (5) Francis I Renaissance Sideboard (6)

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