9 Great Examples of American Design Prowess

9 Great Examples of American Design Prowess

It’s no big secret that America is a world leader in countless fields, including design and technological innovation. Actually, many of mankind’s most incredible discoveries or inventions can be attributed to America, and when it comes to design per se, America’s ideas are usually way ahead of their time. Today we’re going to present 9 stunning examples of American design prowess and ingenuity, including architectural examples, high-end watches, exquisite furniture, cars and more.

1. Architecture: Marmol Radziner Architecture

Architecture: Marmol Radziner ArchitectureArchitecture: Marmol Radziner Architecture Architecture: Marmol Radziner Architecture

Marmol Radziner Architecture is a well-established company that boasts over 2 decades of experience in residential and commercial architectural design. The firm is ran by 2 very talented individuals named Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol, both being responsible for sketching out numerous contemporary projects such as Ron Radziner’s own home. These guys are probably the best at what they do, and their company is definitely one of the most appreciated architecture firms in the USA and beyond.

2. Artisanship: Shinola Watches

Artisanship: Shinola Watches Artisanship: Shinola WatchesArtisanship: Shinola Watches

Even though the watches bearing the mark of Shinola boast Swiss designs, they are actually as American as they can get. Shinola is an American manufacturer of stunning watches, but the brand is also responsible for the creation of other products such as leather goods and bicycles. The watches are carefully assembled by skilled artisans at the company’s factory in Detroit, and they represent a perfect example of pure American artisanship.

3.  Furniture: Eastvold Furniture

Furniture: Eastvold Furniture Furniture: Eastvold Furniture

Furniture: Eastvold Furniture

When it comes to modern furniture, the American Eastvold brand definitely stands out. This small yet highly efficient company is based in Minnesota, and it is currently the proud manufacturer of a highly appreciated collection of highly durable and beautiful furnishing pieces, including coffee tables, dining tables and even beds. The company’s artisans draw inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames – 2 famed American designers who contributed extensively to modern furniture design and architecture.

4. Fashion: Parke New York

Fashion: Parke New York Fashion: Parke New York Fashion: Parke New York

Parke New York is a firm that strives to reinvent blue jeans. The brand’s leadership believes that the original blue jeans are definitely not comfortable enough to be worn on a daily basis by a modern, busy and active American, which is why it launched its own version of the famed apparel piece. Parke New York jeans are lighter, more comfortable and much more breathable than their classic counterparts, but the best part by far is that they look absolutely fantastic.

5. Invention: New Deal Design

Invention: New Deal Design Invention: New Deal Design

Invention: New Deal Design

In order to invent something, one must first come up with a practical idea and then try to make it a reality. An ordinary citizen might run into some difficulty when it comes to the practical part of this process, but a well-established firm such as New Deal Design is definitely transforming ideas into tangible objects. The talented team behind New Deal Design is responsible for the materialization of numerous good ideas such as the Fitbit wellness tracker and the Lytro light-field camera. The company specializes in industrial design in particular, but it also has a hand in product development and user experience design.

6. Luxury: Cadillac CTS Interior Design

Luxury: Cadillac CTS Interior Design

Even though it sounds like bragging, it’s actually a well-known fact that many Americans are accustomed to luxury. When it comes to cars, the interior design of the Cadillac CTC is unparalleled in al regards, which is why the vehicle received the “Motor Trend 2014 Car of the Year” award. With a perfect mix of classic design elements, high-end materials and contemporary amenities, the interior of this purebred American luxury car is exceptional to say the least.

7. Inventiveness: Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm

Inventiveness: Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm Inventiveness: Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm Inventiveness: Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm

Smoke detectors have the potential to save lives, that’s true, but most of the time they can become a nuisance since they go off unexpectedly every time someone lights up a cigarette or burns food by accident. However, these mishaps become a thing of the past if the user opts to purchase a Nest Protect Smart Smoke Alarm, which was designed to perfection by none other than Tony Fadell. Tony is the original inventor of the iPod, but he left Apple in order to establish his own brand called Nest. The first Nest product was the Nest Thermostat, which was designed to save power and maximize energy efficiency.

8. Agriculture: Windowfarms Hydroponic Gardens

Agriculture: Windowfarms Hydroponic Gardens

A thriving agriculture means abundant food and plenty of money, but as cities grow larger and farms grow smaller, it’s easy to see why less and less citizens can actually boast with growing their own organic fruit and vegetables. However, recent advancements in the field of agriculture allow even those who don’t own any land at all to grow their favorite herbs indoors. A perfect solution comes in the form of the Windowfarms – a series of modular hydroponic gardening systems that can be set up in a generously sized window facing the sun. The plants are fed by nutrient-rich water instead of soil, which means that they grow faster while using considerably less resources. That’s progress right there!

9. Restoration: Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Restoration: Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Restoration: Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Restoration: Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Large and modern homes have always been the default choice of those who can afford them, but as space tightens and resources are becoming scarce, more and more individuals are looking into the past for inspiration. As a matter of fact, a small, cozy and traditional house is often all one needs in order to live comfortably. Based on this idea, a firm called Jessica Helgerson Interior Design created the Tiny House – a fabulous restoration project based on an older abode that was in disrepair. This newly restored summer home features numerous rustic and classic design elements, including a green roof and extensive barn wood accents.

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