8 Tips for Improving Employee Health

One of the best ways to have a more successful company is to improve employee health. In fact, employees will boost productivity, work better in teams and feel more positive. Firstly, make a simple plan, so you can commit to your goals and stay organized. Here are a few tips on how you can improve employee health this year.

Encourage Physical Exercise

Participating in some form of physical exercise at least three times per week can give employees energy, strength and motivation to thrive in the workplace. For example, encourage them to ride a bike or walk to work instead of driving. Another idea is to have employees participate in company team sports or do volunteer regularly.

Offer Healthy Food Options

The wrong foods can have a poor effect on one’s health. You can offer healthier options by providing free fruit in a fruit bowl, replacing sugary drinks with all natural juices in a company fridge or installing a juicer. Ask them to educate themselves on the benefits of sticking to a healthy diet and how to do this. Besides this, when you attend team meetings, only purchase healthy meals, or develop a healthy meal workplace policy.

Teach About Mental Health Care

Employee mental health should be a top priority. For one, bullying can be damaging and should never be tolerated. Additionally, they can take ten minutes out of each day for meditation or reflection. Another option is to have everyone color in a coloring book or draw pictures to reap the benefits of art therapy.

Ensure a Smoke Free Environment

The CDC relates each year seven million people die from tobacco use. This should motivate you to make sure company vehicles, the workplace, and company events are always smoke free by developing a policy. For those who smoke, encourage them to speak to a trusted doctor about quitting. As well as this, therapy and nicotine replacement patches can aid them to quit.

Reduce Sitting Time

Sitting in a chair too long can cause back and neck pain, and other problems. You can reduce sitting time by encouraging employees to go for walks or stretch on their breaks. You may also install standing desks, ask them to eat lunch away from their desks and have daily 10 minute stretch or yoga programs.

Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Consequently, computer eye strain can be harmful to eye health and prevent someone from sleeping properly. Employees can prevent this problem by using blue light glasses, limiting screen time and getting eye exams on a regular basis. Everyone should educate themselves on how to take care of their eye health.

Practice Responsible Drinking

Excessive alcohol intake may cause heart failure, liver and cardiovascular diseases, mental health problems, cancer, stroke and other serious issues. Educate employees about the dangers of alcohol, and speak to them about the benefits of better health. At company events such as parties, promote responsible drinking, and always provide healthier options for those who’d rather not drink.

Promote Hand Washing

Washing one’s hands is crucial to proper hygiene, especially in the time of COVID-19. Prevent the spread of disease so employees aren’t forced to miss work days. You can encourage hand washing by offering hand sanitizer, posting signs near kitchens and bathrooms as reminders, and keeping paper towels and soap dispensers full.

Not only do your employees need to be healthier, but you should always remember to prioritize your own health and well-being. You can begin by writing down your goals for self-improvement in a daily journal. After all, you deserve to do a great job each and every day.

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