8 Ideas for Choosing Holiday Clothing for Your Children

8 Ideas for Choosing Holiday Clothing for Your Children

As the holiday season approaches, many families love the tradition of dressing up to celebrate the colors, themes, and characters of the season. Whether you have a child who loves style or one who likes to keep it simple, follow this guide to spark some ideas and make the most out of the holiday outfit choices for the season.

1. Character Themes

Pick a popular holiday character and stick with that theme for all of their holiday outfits. For example, if your child loves Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, then you could purchase a Rudolph graphic tee, a Rudolph holiday sweater, and a Rudolph embroidered long-sleeve all with the character. Each year, you can pick a new character and go all-in on the theme.

2. Matching Family Pajamas

Choose an outfit that the whole family can match with matching pajamas. Holiday pajamas come in all different styles and you can find pieces to fit everyone in your family. For example, you could purchase a set of plaid fleece pants and find similar patterns for everyone in the family. Not only are the matching pajamas fun for the holidays, but they create a fun family picture idea as well.

3. Embroidered Clothing

The details and timelessness of embroidered children’s clothing make this an ideal option for holiday clothing. Purchase a sweatshirt with an embroidered holiday symbol like a Christmas tree, ornament, or highly detailed snow globe.

You could order custom embroidered products that create a unique piece no other children will wear. Add in other matching elements like a pair of sweatpants that include an embroidered design on the pant leg.

4. Faux Holiday Sweaters

If the heavy nature of a traditional holiday sweater is too much for your child, then consider a faux holiday sweater in the form of a t-shirt or long-sleeve. The screen-printed designs will typically showcase patterns and designs similar to the trend of “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”. The designs can convey the holiday spirit without the need for a child to wear heavy sweaters throughout a whole holiday event.

5. Holiday Vests

Holiday vests are another alternative option to the traditional sweater. Vests come in styles and designs ideal for both genders. You can purchase holiday vests that feature different colors trim with holiday colors like red and green. The center part of the vest could feature embroidered elements along with patterns or designs made right into the material.

6. Shirts and Socks

Once you find an ideal shirt for your child, consider a matching pair of socks to go with it. The socks can feature the same colors and patterns as the shirt and create a nice festive touch to their outfit. The matching socks are ideal for family parties or on Christmas morning when the child opens presents.

7. Funny Tees

Add a little whimsical touch to the holidays with a funny tee for the child. The tees may have a silly picture or include a popular Christmas quote. Character designs like snowmen or Santa Claus can really add to the mix and create a fun element to the holiday.

8. Fancy and Relaxing

If you have multiple holiday events, then you should plan out both a fancy and relaxing outfit. A child can show up in a fancy outfit like a dress or three-piece suit, but also give them something more comfortable to change into along the way.

Use these ideas to help plan your child’s holiday outfits year after year.

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