72 Sentosa Cove House in Singapore by ONG&ONG

Located in a residential enclave in Sentosa Island, Singapore, the 72 Sentosa Cove House was built by ONG&ONG architectural firm as an ideal dwelling for a family with children. It is a two-story home that is perfectly adapted to the tropical climate of Singapore. It uses the natural resources in the area for its own benefit, thus minimizing its impact on the environment. Open spaces and large windows allow for both natural lighting and natural ventilation to reduce the need of electricity.

Probably the best quality of the 72 Sentosa Cove House is the fact that if offers both enhanced privacy and inviting socialization areas. The architecture of the house, together with the dense foliage surrounding it ensure protection from outside prying eyes, but that does not affect the openness of the dwelling towards the multi-functional courtyard. The lap pool and the training room make sure that this dynamic family can easily stay fit all year long.

72 Sentosa Cove House in Singapore by ONG&ONG (17) 

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