7 of the Best Cigars You Need to Try This Year

If you want to narrow down the best cigars on the market, you’ll need a lot of patience — or you can just read this guide! Not everyone can be a cigar expert but learning what produces a solid smoke is a great way to start. How else will you know the difference between a high-quality cigar and a counterfeit?

We have compiled a list of the best cigars this year! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cigar pro, we have found the cigars you need to try now. Check out our list to find out which cigars need to be on the top of yours!

1. The Rocky Patel Hamlet

The Rocky Patel Hamlet 25th Year Salomon is for the big honchos looking for high-quality smoke. It’s a definite showstopper, with its clipped perfecto foot and perfecto cap. As bold as it is in presence, it’s actually quite simple to cut and to spark. 

The difficulty, however, comes in with the thick shape. It takes its time to burn and smoke, so this is certainly not for amateurs. These elegantly designed cigars offer a smooth Honduran filler blend at a very decent price. 

2. The Cohlba Spectre

One of the most interesting and top cigars are the Cohlba Spectres. Their leaves form the core of the filler blend and are described as a 71/4 x 54 improved Churchill. It’s produced in one of the General Cigar warehouses and has been aging for 23 years. 

This cigar has eight tobaccos from five different countries. They include vintage Nicaraguan leaves that have been aging in Spanish sherry barrels. The result is a smooth and rich smoke with a rain forest and saddle leather aroma blended with ginger and sweet chocolate flavors. 

3. The Davidoff Chef’s Cigar

The second edition to the Davidoff’s Chef’s cigar has been one of the top quality cigars on the market for over 50 years. Its 6×43 toro offers a medium+ strength and is filled with creamy chocolate, ginger, and pepper flavors. It’s a high-quality cigar that you can easily smoke throughout the day and night. 

4. The Plasencia Cosecha 146

These original cigars are arguably the best to date. The Plasencia Cosecha 146 cigar is the brand’s 146th crop. It consists of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos between 2011 and 2012 — only coming second to Carrillo Cigars

They aren’t Nicaraguan puros, making them different from other cigars the company has produced. Their 2011 filler leaves have a calm earthiness that the Plascencia family has been preserving for generations. These are 100 percent some of the best cigars you’ll find on the market. 

5. The Reglus Maduro 

These cigars are the result of a collaboration between Havana cigar expert Mitchell Orchant and entrepreneur Akhil Kapacee. The two produced these cigars in the Plasencia factory, with Nicaraguan puro. Its Maduro wrappers are aged to perfection for a minimum of two years which draws out the deep, natural flavors and colors. 

6. The Joya de Nicaragua 

The Joya de Nicaragua 50th Anniversary Cinco Decadas is not only the first cigar brand created in Nicaragua, but it’s also the first cigar to celebrate five decades of cigar making in Nicaragua. It offers a smooth and earthy sweetness reminiscent of the country’s mineral-rich soil. It’s excellently rolled and has been created in a limited edition worth checking out! 

7. The ‘My Father Cigars La Gran Oferta’

These good cigars have a medium to full flavor, blended with chocolate and sweet cherries flavor to top it off. With a dusting of curry, these cigars make you wonder what original Havana branded cigars were like. 

Though a complex shape to roll, these cigars maintain hearty integrity inside. 

Purchase the Best Cigars Around

It’s much easier to find richer but not always stronger cigars. But this list of the best cigars promises you both. Keep these in mind the next time you’re looking for a quality smoke with the fullest flavors. 

Find more about finding the best classic, aromatic, and signature cigars are on our website!

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